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Hear What Others Have to Say

Heidi is an extremely gifted yoga instructor. She seems to intuit exactly what the class needs with everyone being supported and acknowledged regardless of their personal journey. Because of this, her classes are mindful while being physical and strengthening, providing a challenge no matter how long you’ve been doing yoga. Heidi is so articulate in her direction/cuing of poses that one feels they can do whatever is instructed with eyes closed (and we have!). Heidi’s classes are never the same even if focussing on the same body part as a previous time as the poses or the instruction vary enough that you might not know you’re working the same body part if you didn’t know. Among Heidi’s many gifts are making modifications seem like NOT modifications but just another way to do a pose, reminding us we need to honor ourselves first, that we are all different, and our bodies are different every day. Even doing classes for almost 20 year, I continue to learn and/or fine-tune something every time. And her bright smile and uplifting spirit make every class seem like walking on sunshine!


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