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Testimonials: Testimonials

Heidi is an extremely gifted yoga instructor. She seems to intuit exactly what the class needs with everyone being supported and acknowledged regardless of their personal journey. Because of this, her classes are mindful while being physical and strengthening, providing a challenge no matter how long you’ve been doing yoga. Heidi is so articulate in her direction/cuing of poses that one feels they can do whatever is instructed with eyes closed (and we have!). Heidi’s classes are never the same even if focussing on the same body part as a previous time as the poses or the instruction vary enough that you might not know you’re working the same body part if you didn’t know. Among Heidi’s many gifts are making modifications seem like NOT modifications but just another way to do a pose, reminding us we need to honor ourselves first, that we are all different, and our bodies are different every day. Even doing classes for almost 20 year, I continue to learn and/or fine-tune something every time. And her bright smile and uplifting spirit make every class seem like walking on sunshine!


No matter if you are new to yoga or have been practicing for years, Heidi will guide you to make your experience the best one for yourself not only by offering the best detailed descriptions of how to position your limbs, but also by reminding you how to allow the mind to connect to the body in a way that is inspiring, never tiring. It also helps that Heidi has a nice sense of humor and is a kind, genuine person. Each class, be it in person or via Zoom is a real gem.


I have taken so many classes with Heidi and each class is amazing. Heidi is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. She takes pride and care to teach to the needs of the each individual person and is always available to offer a technique that works best for you. You can tell that this is Heidi’s passion as she brings so much energy, knowledge, compassion and energy to every single class
Do yourself a favor and take her classes!


Heidi is extremely informed about current yoga techniques and teaching practices. She frequently asks for input to make her classes more dynamic and personally beneficial. She is available for questions and guidance and always makes her own love of yoga and the feeling that it can be accessible to everyone obvious. She is beloved by her diverse group of students which is apparent from the community of repeat customers she inspires.


Heidi is an inspirational and outstanding Yoga instructor.  I am a somewhat newer yoga student, it is important for me to find an instructor who shares the basic information about building the yoga positions and also ties in exercises for the mind and spirit. There is something not only very motivating, but also very soothing, melodic and comforting about the way Heidi instructs during her classes.  She also knows exactly what to say at the perfect time during our yoga practice to refocus intention; and her use of yoga terms reminds us of the traditional moves. I enjoy her Power Yoga classes because they combine strengthening, stretching and focussing.


Describing Heidi as a teacher and her classes is easy: Her classes are never the same. To me that is very important. She always work something new into her classes. As for Heidi as teacher, I would have to say not only is she very committed to the practice of yoga, but I have noticed (when we were in the studio) that she read a class very well and teach to the class as opposed to forcing the class to do something they would not be comfortable with. Modification!!!

Her smile is infectious and it always seems she is happy to be teaching class


Heidi is:
Very observant 
Highly recommend Heidi! I’ve taken private and group classes with her and she’s amazing! She really knows her yoga and muscles and can help me to safely modify my poses.
1Heidi Kassner Yoga
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Heidi is the only teacher I have ever had that describes the positions so well, I can take the whole class with my eyes closed!
Heidi's yin class is my favorite way to unwind from the week. Her own calmness and peace comes through the screen and relaxes you.


I absolutely love Heidi's classes because she makes someone like myself who has been doing yoga for 15 years stop and realign and really learn from her.
I love that because I can feel the poses so much deeper. Proves that this is truly a practice for life!


The themes that Heidi selects for each class tie the elements of the class together, create a meaningful physical and mental practice session, resonate and inspire throughout the class and throughout my day:

  • generating heat to generate discipline in order to help control your life;

  • focus on the parts of your body in need of attention;

  • focus on your breath;

  • take a moment to recharge;

  • step into the power and use your tools. 


Obviously I love Heidi's classes! Her classes are very well balanced. They are challenging but they are also restorative. It's a great balance between effort and ease. I always leave feeling refreshed and energized opposed to depleted and overly exhausted. As a teacher Heidi has  a very warm and nurturing presence. She makes everyone feel welcome and she is supportive of each student no matter where they are on their yogic path. She is also very confident and clear in her teaching and it allows students to check themselves at the door and let go. I remember when I took my first class with Heidi in Foxboro and it was an open teaching day for the Teacher Trainee graduates, and I remember thinking 'oh this girl has been teaching for years.' It feels like it comes very naturally to Heidi.


Heidi is very peaceful, calming and inspirational. She also adds a little quirkiness to my practice which is nice because I find myself smiling through some of my poses reacting to the funny little things she might say. It reminds me we are human and this is a practice. She is open and inviting and I really look forward to practicing with Heidi.


Heidi is very engaging, warm, accessible, enthusiastic and caring. But more importantly, she listens to what her students abilities are and needs. She forms strong connections and relationships and makes her students want to learn and keep going. It’s a gift. So thank you for allowing me to learn from you.


Heidi sometimes offers suggestions for modifications to the yoga positions. She reminds us that it is not a sign of weakness if you modify; it is a strength because you are listening to your body and using the tools to do the moves safely.


Heidi is uplifting, lots of energy, fun, thoughtful


Words to describe Heidi: Versatile, Connection, Purpley


Heidi is calming, fun, safe, encouraging, challenging but soft and eclectic


Heidi is caring, compassionate, articulate, and passionate. She shines forth lots of positive energy.


Heidi is fun and playful, while also grounding and supportive.


I am always amazed at Heidi’s ability as a yoga instructor. She always knows what to say to make sure her students follow and appreciate her dedication to draw her students into her physical and spiritual space of strength, appreciation, calm and joy.


Heidi is calming, authentic and heartfelt.


Heidi is a supportive, kind and caring teacher who makes yoga accessible to anyone. It's more than just the movements - it's the mindset too.


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